On All Cow Hides
Domestic U.S. Only
Usually hide will arrive in about a week.
Size Chart:
Large - 5-5½ ft. x 6-6½ ft.
X-Large - 5½-6 ft. x 6½-7 ft.
XX-Large - 6-6½ ft. x 7-7½ ft.

Rugs, Wall Hangings, or Couch Throws are all very good ways to display these beautiful cowhides.
All hides are stretch dried to lie flat. Some tanners hang dry their hides which causes the hide to shrink unevenly. The result is a cow hide that will not lie flat on the ground causing people to trip.

If you are buying a cowhide the following prices apply, but if you want to get a cowhide tanned Click Here.
Dark Brindle Cowhide
Dark Brindle Cow Hide
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hereford cowhide
Hereford Cow Hide
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Easy to Care For... Their short hair and strong leather make them great rugs even for high traffic areas. Just vacuum with a hose and if something spills on them, just wipe it off with a damp cloth. The hides are chrome tanned which makes them waterproof and very durable.
Medium Brindle Cowhide
Medium Brindle Cow Hide
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holstein cowhide
Holstein Cow Hide
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light brindle cowhide
Tri Color Cow Hide
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