Skull Bleaching Kit with Panel

  • Create Your Own Euro Style Mount
  • Bleach a Deer or Antelope Skull and Mount It
  • No Harsh Chemicals
  • Non-Toxic Degreaser Accelerates Process
  • Only Boil for about an Hour
  • Bleaching Paste Works Overnight
  • Finish a Skull in a Day Instead of Weeks

The real magic of this kit is the highly concentrated degreaser that eliminates much of the work from the process. You don't need brass brushes or scraping tools to get the skull clean. Our exclusive degreasing solution breaks down the fats and oils during the boiling process allowing all the matter to release much more easily. Also, because there is no bleaching agent in the water, you don't have to worry about the antlers getting discolored. Just boil the skull for about an hour and then wash it with a pressure nozzled hose to clean anything that remains.
Once the skull is clean, it needs to be bleached. Mix the bleaching powder with household hydrogen peroxide to make a paste and spread it on the skull. Let is set overnight, brush off the powder that remains and you are all done.

The Skull Bleaching Kit includes: Step-By-Step Instructions, 1 bottle of 3S Degreaser, and 1 Bag of Bleaching Powder

Additional Equipment Needed:
A Pot Large Enough for the Skull
A Bottle of Household Hydrogen Peroxide (3%)
A Sharp Knife

Do not use this for cleaning large skulls that may be record book Pope & Young or Boone & Crocket. The boiling could cause the zygomatic arch to swell, invalidating any measurements. Recommendations for the use of this material are based on tests and evaluations believed to be reliable. However, there is no expressed or implied warranty as to the results obtained.

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